Creepy county’s Top 10 ghostly goings-on


Once, twice, three times a lady are the ghosts of Dalzell House, which is said to be haunted by three women.

The Green Lady , who smells of strong, oriental perfume and is usually seen in the south wing, the White Lady who is reputed to wander around the entire building which is now home to high-end flats, and the Grey Lady , who’s believed to be a nurse from World War I.

It’s thought the White Lady was a maid from the 19th century, who was so distraught after becoming pregnant by the lover who’d abandoned her, that she took her own life by throwing herself from the tower and into the Whinney Burn.

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The Grey Lady is said to haunt the north wing of the building, which was during the Great War converted into a military hospital for convalescing soldiers.

Her chilling, grey appearance is believed to be the grey uniform of the army nurses of the time.

Three ladies are said to haunt Dalzell House
(Image: Lanarkshire Live)


Another ghostly lady is the Black Lady of Larkhall . As legend has it, she’s an Indian woman named Sita Phurdeen, who was brought as a servant to the Broomhill House home of Captain Henry McNeil Hamilton in 1902.

Sita, who is believed to have been his mistress, couldn’t adapt to life in Scotland. When she became an embarrassment to the sour-tempered Captain, she was banished out of sight to an area of the house, which once sat behind the Applebank Inn.

She reportedly disappeared altogether two years later, although some believe he murdered her.

Investigators visited the inn with recording equipment
(Image: UGC)

The ghostly figure spotted by locals and visitors to the area over the years is said to be that of the tormented Sita, who is connected to the Applebank by a large, creepy stone lintel which was recovered from the ruins of Broomhill House and embedded into the wall at the bar.

In 2016, the Daily Record reported how a group of investigators visited the inn as part of filming for a Project Paranormal TV series.

Hamilton man and paranormal investigator David Barrett was joined at the bar by demonologist Ian Ainsley, medium Charlene Lowe Kemp and sceptic Lee Steer for an investigation.

Armed with a range of recording equipment and various devices, the team set to work after last orders and were in no doubt a spirit was present…


Although there have been no recorded ghostly sightings at the house on Chatelherault Country Park, which was built as a hunting lodge for the Duke of Hamilton and his family in 1734, the spirit of a white lady has been spotted at the nearby ruins of the 12th century Cadzow Castle.

Cadzow Castle is said to be haunted by a white lady
(Image: UGC)

The castle was built around 1530 by Sir James Hamilton of Finart, who also constructed Craignethan Castle in the Clyde Valley close by, to which Mary Queen of Scots retreated after escaping from Loch Leven Castle.

Although it’s not thought Cadzow Castle is haunted by Mary Queen Of Scots – sightings of whom have been made in many castles throughout Britain – a dark, shadowy figure has been seen in the castle, and visitors report a strange sense of being watched…


A series of spooky disturbances were reported when new managers took over truckers’ favourite, the Red Moss Hotel.

They claimed to witness the till springing open of its own accord, newly-made beds suddenly showing the indent of a body, newspapers flicking open and televisions switching on and off.

At the hostelry just off the M74, CCTV footage seemingly showed a ghost-like orb floating behind a framed picture, which then mysteriously came crashing down off the wall.

The owner said items moved from one place to another when his back was turned.

CCTV footage showed a ghost-like orb
(Image: Stoke Sentinel)

Among the many spooky sightings in and around the establishment is that of the so-called Quine of the Red Moss .

The ghostly figure of a beautiful young woman carrying a light has been witnessed on the moss land that gave the hotel its name.

In the Covenanters era, it’s reported that she was sent out by her mother to look for her brother, who had failed to return from an illegal religious service being held on the land.

She never came back – and, over the years, drivers on the M74 have reported seeing a dim light drifting across the moor.


In 2016, a family in Rutherglen were forced out of their home by a series of terrifying encounters with what they believed was a supernatural force.

Incredibly, even police reportedly witnessed the poltergeist activity in an incident that made headlines around the world.

TV psychic Ally Key has offered his help in getting rid of the Rutherglen poltergeist
(Image: rutherglen reformer)

Officers were called to the house after the family at the centre of the incident endured two days of bizarre occurrences.

The police were said to have witnessed clothes flying across a room as well as lights going off with lampshades upside down when the lights were switched back on.

Even the family’s pet chihuahua dog, which was playing in the garden of the Stonelaw Road property, was said to have been discovered sitting on top of a seven-foot hedge.

Scottish psychic medium Ally Key, from Dundee, and his wife Sadie, a paranormal specialist, publicly offered to aid the family who had to call in Police Scotland during an ‘unexplained disturbance’.

The married couple, who work full time investigating hauntings and disturbances offered to privately help the family by conducting an investigation within their home.

Strange events were reported at the Rutherglen family home

At the time a police source, who didn’t want to be named, told Lanarkshire Live’s sister title, the Daily Record: “These were incidents that were witnessed by our own officers – incidents that are not easily explained.

“Officers with more than 20 years’ service are saying they’ve never seen anything like this. It really is something that down-to-earth police officers are having trouble getting their heads round.”

With no reasonable explanation for what they witnessed, police – acting with the support of the family – contacted the Catholic Church who sent a priest to bless the house.


Numerous spooky goings-on were reported at Birkwood Castle, near Lesmahagow – a former psychiatric hospital.

The 86-acre estate originally belonged to the MacKirdy family and the Gothic castle was used as a private residence until it was donated to the local authority in 1923.

Birkwood Castle was formerly a psychiatric hospital
(Image: Lanarkshire Live)

The hospital closed in 2002 and it fell into disrepair. In 2015, a year after it was bought by developers who planned to turn it into a luxury hotel, a tower and part of a wall fell down in a mystery collapse.

It made such a noise that locals reported an explosion.

Former owners, residents and staff claimed that the site was stalked by phantoms, including a cigar-smoking ghoul and the spirit of a man stabbed through the throat.

There are plenty of creepy tales from across Lanarkshire
(Image: Liverpool Echo)

Past incidents at the castle have included strange smells, lights turning themselves off and the sound of footsteps.

According to local folklore, a boy named Michael is said to haunt the grand spiral staircase where he fell and died.

And the story goes that the spectre of a doctor who had a heart attack and died while working at the hospital had been seen at windows.


Among the headstones that date from as far back as 1624 in the graveyard is that of William Smith, the Covenanter who fought in 1666.

There are reports that a man dressed in grey clothes haunts the road that runs by the graveyard of the place of worship, that’s known locally as the M8 church.

A man is said to haunt the road by the graveyard
(Image: Surrey Advertiser)

A driver, fearing that they had hit someone, got out of the car to check on the victim – only for it to turn into mist.

As well as unexplained voice recordings, there have also been sightings of the ghost of Grey Lady .

While her identity is unknown, Grey Lady is believed to be the restless spirit of one of the witches reputedly burnt in the area during the 17th century.

Voice recordings have been made of Grey Lady
(Image: Lanarkshire Live)


After many reported ghostly sightings over the years, staff at the New Lanark Mill hotel became convinced that they’d managed to capture a ghost on CCTV.

Back in 2010, hospitality workers on the heritage site said they had evidence to back up their claims after cameras picked up spooky goings-on in the car park.

The hotel’s general manager said the footage of an area on which stables formerly stood made the hair on the back of his neck stand up.

Hotel staff say they found evidence of a ghost at New Lanark
(Image: West Lothian Courier)

He claimed cameras caught a mysterious, ghostly shape in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen which came and went.

The hotel boss said the figure disappeared through a door, without opening it, and then reappeared.

Visitors to New Lanark who want their own brush with the supernatural can travel back in time on the Annie McLeod Experience Ride which takes them on a journey of discovery, as the ghost of a mill worker tells her story of her life in 1820.


Built in 1858 by the 10th Duke of Hamilton as a resting place for his descendants, Hamilton Mausoleum is often described as Britain’s grandest grave.

Step into this spooky crypt and your spine will tingle, as whispers echo around the interior of this magnificent tomb.

The incredible Roman-styled domed structure has a fascinating history linked to one of Scotland’s most decadent and notorious Scottish aristocratic families.

The structure is the UK’s grandest grave
(Image: Freelance)

In 1842, Alexander decided that what he and his family deserved to reflect their glory and eminence was the grandest mausoleum money could buy.

In 1858, sixteen years after the work had started, the building was finally completed. This was too late for the proud, eccentric duke who had died five years previously.

Above the central archway of the Victorian structure are three sculptures representing life, death and immortality.

Spookily, the only way to enter the crypt is to pass under the head representing death, which is crowned with poppies symbolising everlasting sleep.

Inside Hamilton Mausoleum
(Image: Feelance)

Requesting silence, his finger is placed on his lips and his eyes are closed.

The entrance of the crypt is guarded by two life-like lions, carved from a single block of sandstone.

Some believe that one represents life and the other death, while others say that one lion keeps a vigil while the other sleeps until it is his turn to take over guard duty.


Lanarkshire is a hotspot for UFO sightings, according to a group of researchers who recorded nine within the last year.

One of these was in Hamilton, and the county had almost double the average extra-terrestrial sighting per population in the UK in 2020.

The North West UFO Research and Investigation Group reported Lanarkshire as the most popular area for sightings, with nine reports in towns such as Hamilton, Airdrie, Coatbridge and Cumbernauld.

The group ‘UFO Identified’ have made numerous sightings of UFOs across Scotland, particularly Lanarkshire – Kilmarnock
(Image: Freelance)

In Lanarkshire, there were 3.4 UFO sightings for every 250,000 people, compared to the UK average of 1.8 sightings per 250,000 and an average of 1.5 in Scotland.

In Hamilton in March last year, a local reported numerous bright objects following each other.

One of the more recent sightings of a UFO was in Airdrie last December, when a witness saw a cloud with ‘sparkling lights’ and caught on camera a white object shooting out of the cloud at an angle.

Unexplained sightings have been reported in Lanarkshire
(Image: NEwcastle Chronicle)

And a UFO group report in Cumbernauld in April 4 last year said: “Witness was driving from Annathill to Cumbernauld when he noticed a very bright, white light in the sky off to the side of the road.

“He watched it for over five minutes as the object changed from orb-shaped to cylindrical with moving lights.

“It made no noise and disappeared leaving a circle of red and white.”

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