Heartbroken family offer £500 reward after dog goes missing near Hamilton

A heartbroken family are appealing for information after their beloved dog went missing four weeks ago.

Pet pooch Evie was last seen chasing deer near Airbles Cemetery in Motherwell, and distraught owner Lesley Christie fears the worst for her missing pup.

She believes the animal was heading towards Hamilton after running off, and one caller even reported they saw Evie cross the M74.

Now, Lesley is pleading with the public to report any sightings of three-year-old Evie as she offers a £500 reward for her return.

The Beagle cross was a rescue dog Lesley welcomed to her family in December. She has a medical condition called leishmaniasis which requires daily medication – as concern grows for her welfare, Lesley admits she could be really sick by now if still alive.

Lesley told the Advertiser: “We were walking along the Clyde walkway towards Baron’s Haugh. We were just at the cemetery and suddenly she must have got a scent and she ran after deer and disappeared from sight and sound.

“We searched for ages and nobody had saw her. She was later seen near the Raith Interchange.

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“I’m really worried that someone has picked her up and doesn’t know she has this disease. If left, she could become really ill and it could eventually kill her.

“I’m so worried where she is, and terrified that someone has taken her. It’s terrifying the amount of dogs that get stolen, so I’m worried someone has found her and decided to keep her.”

Lesley and her family have tirelessly searched every day since Evie’s disappearance, with Lesley even going out at night when she can’t sleep due to worry.

She added: “I still cry every single day thinking about her. I miss her so much and just want her back home and part of our family again.

“I can’t even bear to look at photographs anymore, she’s so loving and I was just delighted with my wee family.

“Just to not know what’s happened to her is torture for me. We’ve just been waiting for that phonecall and hoping.

“I’ve actually been going out driving at night because I can’t sleep and checking up at the graveyard just for that off-chance I maybe see her. It’s just on my mind constantly.”

The family have made countless appeals to friends and family. Searches include scouring embankments near the motorway and nearby fields.

It’s believed Evie tried to retrace her steps after running off by heading to Strathclyde Park. However, as Lesley and her family stay in Bellshill, she would be unable to find her way back home as she’s never walked from there.

Evie is described as a small female tan and white Beagle cross. She has a docked tailed and is micropchipped.

The hound was last seen wearing a collar. Although friendly, she can be nervous around strangers.

Her last sighting was on Saturday, February 6, and the family are appealing to locals in the Hamilton, Blantyre, Motherwell, Bellshill or the surrounding area.

If you have any information or potential sightings of Evie, contact by phone on: 07852 911521 or 07856 546046; or by email find.evie21@gmail.com

Daily Record – Motherwell