Popular viral cafe closes with ‘extremely heavy heart’

Popular viral cafe closes with 'extremely heavy heart'Popular viral cafe closes with 'extremely heavy heart'
Popular viral cafe closes with 'extremely heavy heart'

Popular viral cafe closes with ‘extremely heavy heart’

Bacchialdi’s Closing: A Fond Farewell from Airdrie’s Beloved Café

Bacchialdi’s, an iconic café in Airdrie, known for its clever name derived from its location “at the back of Aldi’s” supermarket, is closing its doors. The owners have expressed their deep regret, citing the overwhelming emotional and physical effort required to maintain their high standards.

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A Heartfelt Apology and Gratitude to Loyal Customers

The owners have apologized for disappointing their loyal customers and extended heartfelt thanks for the unwavering support since their opening during the pandemic. They reminisced about winning the title of “Best Café in Lanarkshire” and cherished the friendships formed along the way, promising these bonds will remain forever in their hearts.


A Promise to Fulfil Existing Orders and Future Possibilities

In their announcement, Bacchialdi’s assured customers that all existing orders would be honored and hinted at the possibility of future catering services. Their statement reads:

> “It’s with an extremely heavy heart that we make this post. Due to ongoing health issues, we feel we cannot continue to provide the emotional and physical effort needed to maintain our incredible standards and meet the expectations of our cherished customers. Therefore, we have decided to close the café with immediate effect.

> We deeply regret letting our loyal customers down, as you all mean so much to us. From our humble beginnings during the pandemic, making just £18 on our first day, to being voted the best café in Lanarkshire four years later, it has been an incredible journey. We are proud of our achievements and the friendships we have made along the way. These people will forever be in our hearts.

> We hope we have brought joy and laughter to Airdrie, whether through our quirky name or the camaraderie shared with our regulars. Serving this community has been our pleasure.

> Rest assured, any cakes ordered will be made as promised. For future cake orders, please contact Caroline directly. We may also offer outside catering services in the near future.

> Thank you, Airdrie and its wonderful residents. It’s been a blast.”


Reflecting on a Remarkable Journey

The café’s journey from its inception during the challenging times of the pandemic to earning accolades and the love of its community is a testament to their dedication and hard work. Bacchialdi’s not only served delicious food but also fostered a sense of community and friendship, making it a beloved local establishment.

Looking to the Future

While Bacchialdi’s café will no longer operate, the owners have hinted at continuing their culinary journey through possible catering services. Their legacy of quality and community spirit promises to live on in Airdrie.

Stay Connected

For those wishing to stay connected or inquire about future catering services, reaching out to Caroline through the café’s page is encouraged.

Bacchialdi’s closing marks the end of an era for Airdrie, but its impact on the community and the friendships it has nurtured will be remembered fondly. Thank you, Bacchialdi’s, for the joy and delicious memories.



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