Scots theme park drama as terrified young boy rescued from stricken rollercoaster

This is the terrifying moment a harness-clad worker appears to attempt a rescue of a young boy trapped on a rollercoaster after it had apparently broken down high above the ground.

Pictures show a crowd of onlookers watching the dramatic moment at M&D’s theme park near Motherwell yesterday as workers scaled the large Mad Mouse ride as a car lies motionless on the track.

In one image a man in a suit looks on as a worker in a safety harness scales a ladder to reach the stricken car.

A worker scales a ladder at M&Ds park
(Image: Supplied)

The boy can be seen looking down from a height as the staff member works underneath the track.

It is unclear at this time whether there were any injuries from the incident which a source told the Daily Record was due to a fault in the ride.

He added: “It was around 6.20pm yesterday. It was scary for my kids and I.”

Bosses at the Strathclyde theme park were previously hit with a massive £65,000 fine over a horror accident on a rollercoaster in the park which injured nine people.

A man in a suit looks on as the rescue unfolds
(Image: Supplied)

M&D’s admitted a failure of the suspension and axle on their Tsunami ride caused five gondolas to come away from the rails at a bend as the attraction reached speeds of 40mph.

The cars plunged 17ft off the ride at the park in June 2016 sparking a huge emergency response.

There were nine passengers on board including William Murray and Katie McArdle, both 19, and seven younger children who were all injured to the danger of their lives.

Unlookers gather as the drama unfolds at M&Ds
(Image: Supplied)

The park’s owners appeared at Hamilton Sheriff Court and admitted breaching health and safety laws on the ride between June 2015 and June 2016.

Mr Murray dislocated his knee and was in hospital for six weeks and will develop arthritis in later life while Miss McArdle was left with bruising and is nervous when she perceives a risk such as being in a fast moving car.

A 14-year-old girl was left with broken ribs and suffers chest pain as a result and a boy aged 11 was left with lacerations and was in hospital for four weeks and has had a total of 13 operations since the crash.

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Last June the park was saved from administrators and new management took over.

The latest incident comes hot on the heels of a horror ride crash in Scotland- when two kids were left injured after a rollercoaster came off the track at Landmark Adventure Park in Aviemore.

Police confirmed two children were hurt in the incident last month.

Officers said their injuries were minor and they were treated at the scene.

M&D’s has been contacted for comment on the latest incident.

Daily Record – Motherwell