Serial abuser grabbed pregnant partner by throat and punched her in the face

A brute accused of horrific domestic abuse against three women laughed off the allegations as “lassies being lassies”.

Liam Millar attacked one partner when she was pregnant, warning he would “stab the life” out of her.

The control freak assaulted another woman on several occasions and accused her of sleeping with her own father and sneaking out at night to meet men.

Millar, 22, admitted a catalogue of domestic abuse charges when he appeared from custody via videolink at Hamilton Sheriff Court.

Jennifer McCabe, prosecuting, told the court: “When police cautioned and charged him he said it was ‘lassies being lassies’.

“He did not seem to care about his actions and boasted that the women ‘just want all the f****** money’ despite the fact that he was unemployed.

“He belittled the charges and laughed as he was told about them.”

Millar assaulted his victims at addresses in Gorely Place and Grange Tower, Motherwell, and West Wellhall Wynd, Hamilton, during 2019 and 2020.

One woman was three months pregnant with Millar’s child when he shouted abuse at her, grabbed her by the throat and pinned her against a wall, lifting her feet off the floor.

Ms McCabe stated: “Seconds before she would have blacked out, he released her.

“He screamed in her face and punched her twice.

“He then grabbed her by the throat so tightly she could no longer scream. She feared for her life and the safety of a child who was in another room.

“Millar punched her on the face to stop her screaming. He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to the floor.

“She curled into a ball, trying to protect her unborn child. The accused left and drove away.

Millar appeared via videolink at Hamilton Sheriff Court

“She was taken to hospital to be checked over. Fortunately, a scan showed there were no issues with her baby.

“Over the next few days she got messages from the accused who said he was looking forward to killing her.

“One stated ‘I can’t wait to stab the life out of you. I’ll kill you this time, [victim’s name]’.”

The court heard that Millar subjected a previous partner to repeated physical abuse.

She suffered “numerous” injuries at his hands and on one occasion needed stitches in a burst lip.

But the fiscal said she was reluctant to report Millar as she was “fearful of the repercussions” and he had “control of her”.

Millar pursued her in his car one day and deliberately crashed into the back of her vehicle.

Apart from the violence, Millar subjected the woman to vile abuse.

Ms McCabe told the court: “This included accusing her of sleeping her with her own father.

“He caused her extreme fear and alarm by saying he would kill her.

“On one occasion he accused her of sneaking out during the night to sleep with people. He then started to choke her.”

Millar admitted assaulting another partner, on Boxing Day 2019.

He jumped on top of her after a row over a bank card and punched her on the face.

Sheriff Thomas Millar deferred sentence until next month for a criminal justice social work report. Millar was remanded in custody.

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