Star singer dazzles on new BBC musical game show

A talented teacher and perfomer gained top marks from celebrities and contestants for his superb singing in the launch episode of the BBC’s new primetime musical game show.

James Muldoon appeared as one of six mystery guests on Saturday-night show I Can See Your Voice, which challenges players and a panel of famous faces to distinguish good singers from bad on the basis only of lip syncing, appearance and interviews.

With the code name Teacher, he was the second-last singer to be eliminated by winning contestants Lee and John – and then dazzled as he showed his musical skills with a stellar performance of West Side Story anthem Somewhere.

James, who is originally from Airdrie described his television debut and the hundreds of positive comments he has received since as “incredible”, and told Lanarkshire Live: “I’m over the moon with the performance and the reaction to it.

“I’m thrilled to have had the chance to be on the show and that I decided to pursue it; I wanted to take part to do something fun after a long period of lockdown, and it was a really fun experience and some light in a dark world.

“The celebrity panel were amazing – I had some fantastic feedback from them, and getting that from people I look up to and have grown up watching on TV is brilliant.

“Danny Jones was the special guest, which was brilliant as I’ve seen McFly many times in concert; and on the panel, Amanda Holden is the queen of reality shows and trained at the same drama school as me, Jimmy Carr championed me as a good singer from the start and Alison Hammond is my ultimate favourite Big Brother contestant.

“It was brilliant to talk to them in person and perform for them, and it was a really humbling experience.”

James has worked as both a musical director and choreographer and is the head of foundation courses at MGA Academy in Edinburgh.

James Muldoon, who is from Airdrie, is a graduate of London theatre school Mountview Academy
James Muldoon, who is from Airdrie, is a graduate of London theatre school Mountview Academy
(Image: Contributed/Airdrie and Coatbridge Advertiser)

He told Lanarkshire Live: “The persona of Teacher was easy for me as that’s my day job, but I think they didn’t put together that my subject is performing arts and thought I was a maybe a geography or maths teacher, which I tried to go along with.

“I was approached to audition last September and the show was filmed in November, under Covid restrictions; I only found out that my episode would be the series premiere just a few days before broadcast, and it’s been fantastic to share it with people after keeping it as a big secret for all these months.”

After being chosen for elimination by the contestants, it was time for James to take centre stage and demonstrate his talents – and he said: “I remember absolutely everything about that day apart from the big moment!

“From when the screens opened and I walked forward, my mind goes blank and the next thing I can think of is talking to Paddy McGuinness after singing, so when I watched I had no idea what it would be like.

“I’ve performed Somewhere numerous times over the years and although it wasn’t what I was originally going to sing, the team said it would give me a bigger moment and were 100 per cent correct.”

James was first introduced to musical theatre by St Margaret’s High teacher Derek Allan, and throughout his schooldays went on to do additional study in theatre and dance with Jazz Art UK, based in Motherwell.

He then earned a scholarship to leading London drama school Mountview Academy, graduating in 2009 and going on to launch his successful on-stage career.

James said: “I’ve worked on cruise ships, concert tours and been very fortunate to travel round the world, performing in Nashville and at tartan day in New York; I fell into teaching by accident and now I’ve been doing that for 10 years too.

“People have been saying the performance was West End standard, which is really overwhelming; that’s something I haven’t experienced so far and I’d ideally love to get that on my CV too.”

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