Summer programme to provide paid work experience for students

Summer programme to provide paid work experience for students

Summer programme to provide paid work experience for students

Summer programme to provide paid work experience for students

More than 100 young people in North Lanarkshire will take part in a summer scheme to earn money and gain work experience.

Over the summer holidays, an initiative by the North Lanarkshire Council will allow 128 students from the region’s high schools, priority groups, and New College Lanarkshire to earn while learning about different sectors.

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In the programme which forms part of the council’s One Workforce Plan and Brighter Futures Programme, students will engage in various employment sectors.

This comes after last year’s successful test run with 23 high school students, which saw 21 of them secure contracts with the council, one employed as a home support scheduler, and one accepted as a housing modern apprentice.

This year, students will work in industries including Built Environment, Health& Social Care, and Digital Technology.

Partnerships have been formed to see 22 students working with external construction companies, and four students will work with NHS Lanarkshire.

Fiona Whittaker, chief officer (people resources) with the council said: “This programme has proven to be an outstanding success and one we aim to build upon in the future.

“It was wonderful to welcome such a talented and enthusiastic group of young people into the workplace last year, and we can’t wait to get started with a much larger group this summer.”

She further explained the council’s commitment to investing in the next generation workforce and fostering a positive introduction to the world of work.

She emphasised the importance of teaching essential skills and encouraging teamwork to boost job applications, university or college admissions, and possible career pathways.

“With the students being paid for their endeavours, they can also look forward to spending their earnings on things they enjoy such as driving lessons, holidays or socialising with friends.

“This all helps provide them with a greater feeling of independence and gaining an appreciation for the world of work,” said Ms. Whittaker.

The procedure for students to secure the summer placements involved filling out application forms and passing interviews.

Successful candidates will be matched with various council, built environment sector, and health and social care services.

This is planned to give them real-life experiences and inspire them about broader career opportunities within these fields.

The end goal of the programme is not just to give students a taste of future employment but to address workforce challenges in areas that are traditionally difficult to recruit.

As the students pack up to return to school or further education after the summer, a special awards ceremony will be held to celebrate their contributions and achievements.



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